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Florida’s “New” Budget – How Families with Children Fared

Throughout the Florida capitol during session, it was whispered that it would be a “tough” budget year. The implication was this is rather abnormal. Better years were ahead. Better put a pin in that. This could be THE NEW NORMAL. Tax giveaways piled on top of each other – even small ones multiplied many times over – add up to real money. Other revenue restricting measures have tied the hands of local and state policymakers. Florida as a whole is increasingly finding it nearly impossible to meet the needs of its booming population, especially vulnerable children. With every tax break, however well intended, someone in authority should question: is that one more adverse ...Read More

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Legislative Session Wrap Up – What Happened with Kids?

Pre-session writings on the wall turned out to be prophetic. As we reported and predicted in January, the lack of specific mention of children’s issues by leadership during the post-election transition, the rush of bill filing for a large freshman class and ideological issues – several of which emanated in tweets from the nation’s capital – foretold a weak legislative session for children. Overall, as media has reported, this session was not inclined to pass a lot of new policy. At last count, the fewest number of bills in 10 years made it through the first chamber (293) and second lowest number made it through both chambers (174) and journeyed their way ...Read More

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Mid-Session Capitol Report: Bill Progress Slow

Mid-way through Florida’s 2019 Legislative Session, policy proposals are inching along. Across the breadth of issues, only 14 of the 3,519 filed bills have made it through the process. That’s less than 6% of the average number of bills that ultimately make it to the Governor’s desk in a typical legislative session. This particular session has been tricky. The transition after a statewide hotly contested election, a large class of freshman legislators, and committee time allocated to the related orientation have stacked good bills against a ticking clock as the budget has already started to drain legislators’ working hours. Children’s bills are moving, but they often seem to be strong in one ...Read More

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100+ New Bills Affecting Florida Children – and Counting!

Despite the slow start while new legislators learned their way around the capitol, over 3,400 bills have been filed by the 2019 deadline that could change state laws in the two months of Florida’s Legislative Session.  Some were already moving during the pre-session committee weeks. Although we review every single bill, American Children's Campaign is actively following over 110 substantive and appropriations bills in the areas of child welfare, justice for girls, juvenile justice reform, child care and early education, children's rights and special needs, mental health and substance abuse and health that have the potential to impact children and families. American Children's Campaign was also busy working as a voice for ...Read More

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Governor’s Budget: Corrections Gets an Extra $163M; Child Well-Being Support Uncertain

The release of the Governor’s Budget officially kicks off the Super Bowl of competitions for funding State responsibilities, programs and services. Beyond campaign rhetoric, transitions and promoting agency head appointments, it’s a statement of priorities and anticipated policy. Initial Trends Revealed in the Budget It’s understood the new Governor has been in office less than a month and the enormous task to put together a statewide spending plan.  The budget is complicated and not all Internet links facilitate review by advocates at the granular level. This will come in the next week or two. Still, there are trends and a reveal of philosophy, even at this early stage. We wish we weren’t ...Read More

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2019 Legislative Agenda – Florida’s Children Need Urgent Attention

For the 27th year in a row, American Children's Campaign is hard at work reviewing every bill that’s being filed in Tallahassee and taking action to ensure quality bills benefiting children get fully heard. It has already been a busy start to committee weeks, and we expect it to continue. The following are highlights of our legislative priorities for 2019:  Child Welfare Reform Improve Community-based Care - American Children's Campaign supports child welfare services within the community-based care model and questions the debate by some to return direct care to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Reforms and improvements, however, in the CBC model are warranted. Examples include addressing board governance ...Read More

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