COVID-19 has magnified chronic system failures and inequity tied to race, class and even zip code. Team Future is seizing the opportunity to make transformational changes that are long overdue. We’re parents, grandparents, advocates, cross-sector leaders, children’s coalitions and child-serving organizations who are using our collective power to build back better. Going back to normal isn’t good enough.

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Florida’s huge wave of unemployment is already being felt in our state budget. Without our strong voices coming together, Florida will be looking at budget cuts instead of all other options. Areas already underfunded like child protective services, maternal health, early learning, social justice, special needs may be devastated – precisely at a time when need for services is spiking.

Your support will power the policy research, citizen and community engagement and candidate education needed to build a better future for children today and tomorrow. Join the team today!


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Due to our nearly 30 year track record of moving positive changes for Florida’s children into action, American Children’s Campaign is providing backbone support for the Team Future initiative.

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