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Mourning the Passing of Nilda Pedrosa

The Children’s Campaign, along with our affiliate Voices for Florida, are saddened by the passing of Nilda Pedrosa. In addition to her many accomplishments achieved while Associate Deputy Attorney General and Chief of Staff at the Florida Office of Attorney General, and other high level appointments nationally, a lasting legacy will be the long sought transformation of sex trafficked children and young adults from criminals to victims in need of services. “The Open Doors Outreach Network that exists today and continues to grow throughout Florida would not exist without Nilda’s passion and vision,” said Roy Miller, president of The Children’s Campaign.  “We worked on policy together, appropriations and the formation of advisory ...Read More

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The Children’s Campaign taps known leaders and advocates to lead Florida’s Count All Kids Committee

A volunteer committee of proven leaders and advocates has joined together to address the potential undercount of children in the 2020 Census. Organized by The Children’s Campaign, a statewide nonpartisan child advocacy organization, the group aims to engage media and augment the work of the more than 300 Local Complete Count Committees and grassroots organizations throughout Florida with a special emphasis on hard-to-count areas. “If Florida does not improve its count of children or, worse, dips, the state will lose more than a BILLION dollars in revenue to support vital children’s services. With gaps and waiting lists existing in nearly all areas of care, which has contributed to Florida’s Kids Count declining ...Read More

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Children Under 5 Often Undercounted in the Census

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1 million children under age 5 were not counted in the 2010 Census – 71,307 were missed in Florida alone, according to Partnership for America’s Children calculations.People who do return the forms sometimes simply forget to count everyone living in their household. This can often occur in “complex households” — those with several generations of a family or unrelated families living together, as well as foster or blended families.“Many parents and caregivers don’t realize they need to include all children who live with them full-time or at least most of the time on their census survey, whether they are related or not,” explained Roy Miller, ...Read More

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Statewide Census Committee to Count All Kids is Forming

On the heels of Governor DeSantis’ recent announcement that he’s forming a statewide committee to raise awareness of the 2020 Census, The Children’s Campaign is pledging to support Florida’s Census efforts through a Statewide Count All Kids Committee. Listening to the Advocacy Community “We’re very thankful the Governor has listened to the advocacy community and fully understands what’s at risk if we don’t count all people, and especially all kids, in the 2020 Census,” stated Roy Miller, president of The Children’s Campaign. “We’re currently reaching out to child advocacy groups, a diversity of leaders, faith-based groups and other statewide coalitions and organizations to join us in doing everything we can to augment ...Read More

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The #1 New Year’s Resolution for all Floridians

About one in three of New Year’s resolutions are broken before the end of January. This year, there’s one resolution that every family, community, advocate and leader in Florida must keep: making sure all children are counted in the 2020 Census. Children Often Undercounted in the Census Over two million children were missed being counted in the 2010 Census – more than 71,000 in Florida alone. This undercount hit Florida families hard – over $67 million in funds were lost EACH YEAR for Foster Care, Adoption, Child Care and Children’s Health Insurance Program. Florida Can’t Afford Losing More Funds But the undercount also hurt funding for our schools, roads, Medicare, Medicaid, emergency ...Read More

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Tampa Bay Times: Opposition grows to “ludicrous” secure facility for traumatized teens

Thanks to The Children's Campaign and our supporters, opposition is growing to a proposal by the Circuit 13 Ad Hoc Committee for Dually-Involved Youth. As outlined in today's Tampa Bay Times, the Hillsborough County Sheriff and Commissioners are deeply concerned, calling the plan "ludicrous" and "no different than arresting them." RELATED COVERAGE:  Slow the Rush to Lock Up Problem Kids

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