A Good Opportunity to Create Great Public Policies Benefitting Children

The Apprenticeship Center is an innovative workforce development initiative of American Children’s Campaign. Current apprenticeship opportunities exist for students interested in Florida’s policymaking process and policy reform. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academic learning and workforce development while providing college students with the opportunity to learn the value and importance of civic engagement. TO APPLY CLICK HERE

Gain Valuable Real-Life Experience

The United States now trails many nations in achievement and attainment in secondary and post-secondary learning. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence of a mismatch between employer needs and the knowledge and skills of the future workforce. Simultaneously, for the last several decades nonprofit organizations have faced growing challenges in nearly all areas of their operations. Read More >

Motto of TAC

Alumni Testimonials


“Working here was the best learning experience that I had up to this point. I was able to work in teams with a diverse group of people who had knowledge and skills that I could not have imagined. The projects that I was given allowed me to use what I have learned in the classroom in a real and practical way. The Apprenticeship Center gave me the experiences that I needed to be a competitive and qualified job candidate and land a job at JPMorgan Chase & Co.”

– Tim Lai, Former Apprentice

“I had the pleasure to be involved with The Apprenticeship Center from October 2012-July 2014. During my apprenticeship, I was able to serve as the Resident Public Policy Apprentice which gave me not only valuable workplace experience and practical knowledge, but also a place to grow my dreams of becoming a child advocate. I did not just shadow other employees during my apprenticeship. Instead, I was able to contribute ideas and suggestions to help grow American Children’s Campaign. Every day I am grateful for the knowledge and life tips that Roy, Amanda, and the other Knowledge Navigators taught me.”

– Christina Roberto, Former Policy Apprentice

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