On the heels of Governor DeSantis’ recent announcement that he’s forming a statewide committee to raise awareness of the 2020 Census, American Children’s Campaign is pledging to support Florida’s Census efforts through a Statewide Count All Kids Committee.

Listening to the Advocacy Community

“We’re very thankful the Governor has listened to the advocacy community and fully understands what’s at risk if we don’t count all people, and especially all kids, in the 2020 Census,” stated Roy Miller, president of American Children’s Campaign. “We’re currently reaching out to child advocacy groups, a diversity of leaders, faith-based groups and other statewide coalitions and organizations to join us in doing everything we can to augment this very important work.”
Florida has had a statewide committee for at least the last three censuses: 1990, 2000 and 2010. The stakes are high for an accurate 2020 count because Congressional representation and federal dollars that flow to states and local communities for schools, child care, foster care, roads, emergency preparedness, job training and more are based on the Census.

Listening to the Advocacy Community

Children are traditionally one of the hardest groups to count accurately in the Census. According to national estimates, more than two million children were undercounted in the 2010 Census, over 71,000 in Florida alone.
Children that need the support of federally funded programs the most are the ones most vulnerable to be uncounted:

  • Very young children, ages 0-4
  • Those living in complex family structures such as households including unrelated people or living with grandparents
  • Children in rental properties and transitional housing
  • Linguistically isolated households
  • Children of very young parents

Although it is unclear at this time what state pubic dollars, if any, will support Florida’s Statewide Census Committee, American Children’s Campaign is seeking additional private dollars to support the Count All Kids Public Education Initiative.

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