Promoting Health, Safety and Equity Throughout COVID-19

  • Implement science based measures to protect children in child care centers, pre-k settings and schools from transmittable disease.
  • Encourage COVID-19 vaccinations through incentives and provide easy access for children when available.
  • Require the same health and safety regulations for all group homes regardless of service status. Learn More
  • Enact research-based solutions to protect young children in motor vehicles.
  • Increase KidCare eligibility limits to 300 percent of the federal poverty line. Learn More
  • Require Florida’s pre-k program to meet nationally accepted quality standards, including teacher certification. Learn More
  • Reverse the escalating use of Florida’s Baker Act on children. Learn More

Stop Institutionalized Child Trauma

  • Protect the rights of all children regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity including ending the harmful practice of conversion therapy and ensuring access to health services. Learn More
  • Prohibit a child under age 16 from waiving their Miranda rights without attorney consultation.
  • Increase the minimum age of arrest to 10, except in the case of forcible felonies. Learn More
  • Add human trafficking victims to the “vulnerable victims and witnesses” provided protections during trial proceedings. Learn More
  • Expand Critical Incident Rapid Response Requirements so more child harm receives the proper scrutiny, including the deaths of children who had any contact with DCF in the past 24 months, and all reports of physical, sexual and mental abuse of children in out of home care – except for reports showing no evidence of abuse. Learn More
  • End the practice of placing youth in solitary confinement unless the safety of the child or others is in immediate jeopardy. Release children with transmittable diseases from detention who do not pose a public safety risk. Learn More
  • Oppose locking up dependent child victims of abuse, neglect, trafficking and other traumas. Learn More
  • Create a juvenile justice pathway alternative for girls involved in domestic disputes to avoid a harmful arrest or charge for domestic violence. Learn More

Overcoming Barriers to Success

  • Reform criminal record expunction laws to protect the futures of human trafficking victims. Learn More
  • Allow juveniles that the court decided were best served in diversion programs to expunge their criminal records. Learn More
  • Protect and expand the successful volunteer model of Florida’s Guardian ad Litem program. Review and improve the recurring situations in which an attorney ad litem must be automatically assigned to dependency cases. Learn More
  • Expand the number of permanent dependency judges in Florida’s judicial circuits. Learn More
  • Reform juvenile justice reentry with appropriate housing, treatment, and other services provided by the Department of Juvenile Justice for post residential care children. Learn More
  • Reduce the practices and policies that keep youth in the juvenile justice system for non-criminal behavior, including fines and fees and technical violations of probation.
  • Establish requirements for board membership of Community Based Care agencies, set maximum number of caseloads and judicial circuits served. Learn More
  • Require Community Based Care programs to develop consistent methods and best practices based on proven successful models for foster parent recruitment and retention including providing childcare subsidies. Learn More
  • Require an Early Steps assessment of each child age birth-to-3 in the child welfare system and provision of service for those who qualify. Learn More
  • Support the needs of child victims of trafficking with research proven, trauma informed services. Learn More

Systemic Improvements and Administrative Remedies

  • Improve reporting guidelines for the use of civil citations, including data for second- and third- time issuances. Learn More
  • Hold school resource officers accountable to utilize civil citations through legislative action. Learn More
  • Fix Florida’s administrative problems that delay access to expanded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Learn More
  • Remove administrative barriers that prevent federal dollars for rental assistance from reaching families that need it. Learn More
  • Create a Blueprint Commission to examine and make recommendations to improve Florida’s child welfare system. Learn More