In 2012, Florida passed landmark legislation, the Safe Harbor Act, which recognized trafficked children as victims who deserve services when they break free from their traffickers, not incarceration. Yet, while progress has made over the past decade, more is still needed.

COVID has made trafficking worse

Trafficking reports have increased 40% since the pandemic began.

Florida Is a hub for trafficking

Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for reports of trafficking.

All children are vulnerable.

Child sex trafficking happens every day. In every Florida county.

Child abuse, neglect, evictions and homelessness are on the rise

All of these unmet needs add up to putting children more at risk.

1,093 victims served by Open Doors Outreach Network

Open Doors is Florida’s leading 24/7/365 network of care for child victims of trafficking.

Services for child victims is at risk for further cuts in 2021

Decisions are being made in Tallahassee that could affect the range of services for child victims.


Florida has received billions in COVID Relief. Urge our state to target help to traumatized child victims and meet COVID emergency needs for children’s health care, quality child care, hunger, eviction prevention and more. Florida can’t provide strong relief for COVID-related inequities if it’s weak on supporting services for abused, neglected and trafficked children

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