Top Questions We’re Asking because of Fight Club Coverage

In the wake of Miami Herald’s disturbing Fight Club expose, which sent shock waves throughout Florida, American Children's Campaign has analyzed the news series and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s (DJJ) responses in depth (see links at end of this story). The cases brought to light are egregious, but other harmful interactions occur between residential care staff (guards) and children. For example, taunting, which occurs until the victim acts out and gets punished, sometimes severely, for battery on a law enforcement officer. The guard’s instigation goes unnoticed and, therefore, unreported. Expectations for solving these long-standing abuses range from “get it done soon” to “it should have happened yesterday.” While urgency ...Read More

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Legislative Connection

  Anticipation. A universal emotion that usually refers to that feeling in the pit of your stomach comprised of equal parts anxiousness, excitement and a touch of nerves. Often anticipation is the catalyst for checking and rechecking backpacks/briefcases, reviewing driving directions, sharpening pencils, charging laptops or laying out clothing – anything that can be done to feel more in control of an unfamiliar situation. The emotion almost always accompanies first days and orientations. …Read More

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