Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez Recognized by American Children’s Campaign with Superhero Protector of Children Award

In recognition of her vision, commitment and passionate leadership in the House for the 2018 Florida Child Marriage Act, American Children's Campaign presented a Superhero Protector of Children Award to Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez. The Superhero awards are reserved for people who envision and/or lead transformational change for children. The award is not reserved for public officials.  Most recipients have been private citizens or advocates who have envisioned innovations such as children's health insurance, civil citations, new strategies to intervene in child trafficking, and more. To date, 11 Superhero awards have been distributed in American Children's Campaign’s 27-year history. The award was presented to Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto as previously reported. Florida's ...Read More

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GOOD NEWS – Special Ed Reform Bill Ends Seclusion

To continue her work of protecting students with disabilities, Senator Lauren Book (D-Plantation) again filed a bill that prohibits the use of seclusion in public schools and limits physical restraints to emergencies involving the safety of the student or others. American Children's Campaign strongly recommends improvements whereby districts would be required to train instructional personnel and aides in best practices with children with disabilities and provide additional continuing education in safe restraint procedures and de-escalation. American Children's Campaign and other advocacy groups continue to push to end the use of these unproven and harmful disciplinary practices.  When passed, Florida will join a long list of states that have enacted such ...Read More

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Top Questions We’re Asking because of Fight Club Coverage

In the wake of Miami Herald’s disturbing Fight Club expose, which sent shock waves throughout Florida, American Children's Campaign has analyzed the news series and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s (DJJ) responses in depth (see links at end of this story). The cases brought to light are egregious, but other harmful interactions occur between residential care staff (guards) and children. For example, taunting, which occurs until the victim acts out and gets punished, sometimes severely, for battery on a law enforcement officer. The guard’s instigation goes unnoticed and, therefore, unreported. Expectations for solving these long-standing abuses range from “get it done soon” to “it should have happened yesterday.” While urgency ...Read More

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