Report: Florida’s Education and Juvenile Justice Systems Are Failing Black Girls

High rates of disproportionate arrests and lockups in nearly one-fourth of Florida counties    New research by the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, Sounding the Alarm: Criminalization of Black Girls in Florida, finds Black girls in Florida are disproportionately punished at nearly every disciplinary point in the education and juvenile justice systems. The findings are relevant to bringing forth the overdue justice and educational reforms needed to support the wellbeing of girls and young women. Although Black girls account for just 21% of the girl population in Florida, they are more than two times overrepresented in: Out-of-school suspensions for girls (49%) Incidents involving girls and law enforcement in schools eligible ...Read More

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Florida Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Eliminate Court-Related Fines and Fees on Children

Debt-Free Justice for Children Act continues Florida Legislature’s criminal justice reform work  Elected officials and advocates from the Debt-Free Justice for Children Campaign announced recently the introduction of SB 1926 and HB 1391, also known as the Debt-Free Justice for Children Act, sponsored by Senator Audrey Gibson and Representative Tracie Davis. The legislation would promote education, public safety and hope by:   Eliminating administrative fees and fines on all young people in both the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems up to age 18.  Providing protection from fees and fines in the criminal justice system for cross-over youth eligible for continuing foster care up to age 21.  “Unpaid fines and fees ...Read More

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Mourning the Passing of Nilda Pedrosa

American Children's Campaign, along with our affiliate Voices for Florida, are saddened by the passing of Nilda Pedrosa. In addition to her many accomplishments achieved while Associate Deputy Attorney General and Chief of Staff at the Florida Office of Attorney General, and other high level appointments nationally, a lasting legacy will be the long sought transformation of sex trafficked children and young adults from criminals to victims in need of services. “The Open Doors Outreach Network that exists today and continues to grow throughout Florida would not exist without Nilda’s passion and vision,” said Roy Miller, president of American Children's Campaign.  “We worked on policy together, appropriations and the formation ...Read More

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