Closing Crumbling, Costly Prisons is the Right Thing To Do

Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson is absolutely on the right path in criticizing Florida’s malfunctioning adult prison system and demanding it be held accountable. He says he’s “doing the math” and his math is blackboard perfect. He and his team deserve the full support of child advocacy groups including American Children’s Campaign. For several years, the American Children’s Campaign has voiced our objection about the adult prison system’s monetary drain on Florida’s budget, its continued waste, and its lack of creativity and originality in achieving better outcomes. Due to the prison system’s extraordinary expense, and the hardships it creates on families, Florida’s children don’t receive resources to meet their needs ...Read More

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Florida Senator Lauren Book Receives Superhero Award for Bill Eliminating Seclusion and Limiting Restraints for Children with Disabilities

In recognition of her leadership and support for eliminating seclusion and limiting physical restraints on children with disabilities in public schools (SB 192) American Children’s Campaign recently presented a Superhero Protector of Children Award to Florida Senator Lauren Book (D-Plantation). The Superhero awards are reserved for people who envision and/or lead transformational change for children. “The common denominator for receiving a Superhero award is the large-scale transformative change that can be achieved,” explained Roy Miller, president of American Children’s Campaign. “It recognizes system reform that fundamentally changes children’s lives for the better.” Florida currently averages over 8,500 incidents of physical restraints being used on children in public schools annually. ...Read More

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In Tribute to Dr. Wil Blechman – A Passionate Voice for Young Children

A tribute written by Jack Levine, 4Generations Institute It is with great sadness that I learned that Dr. Wil Blechman, a beloved friend and advocacy ally, passed away September 15th, at age 89. Throughout my 40-plus year career as an advocate for children, I have had the honor and privilege to meet a significant number of passionate and persuasive people who are both headstrong and heartfelt in their focus on improving the lives of our youngest family members. With no hesitation, I consider Dr. Wil Blechman to be at the top of the list of advocates whose keen intelligence, powerful influence and loving leadership have made a profound difference that ...Read More

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