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Capitol Report – The BIG SWITCH in Tallahassee and More

When Senate Bill 948 was heard in the Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee on January 17, Senator Gayle Harrell (R- Stuart) asked four pertinent questions about the proposed change in representation of children in dependency court. She was clearly trying to drill down on what changes would occur. In what some have commented as a confusing exchange, audience members and those watching online walked away thinking no change would occur in the assignment of the Guardian ad Litem. This is FACTUALLY INCORRECT in spite of Harrell’s attempt. This dialogue took place over the continuing saga of what appears to many to be ideological attempts to cast doubt about Florida’s ...Read More

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Capitol Report: 1st Week of Legislative Session – Will Children’s Needs Bridge Political Divide?

Opening Remarks: Some Got It More Right Than Others Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson hit the mark with his opening day remarks, choosing to speak eloquently and passionately about children. He made it clear it wasn’t just “his kids and grandkids” he was thinking about. He was inclusive about all children and their future, including those in early learning, in child welfare and foster care, special needs and those struggling. For both years of his presidency he has made children a banner headline. Few among his colleagues have been as consistent and focused. In his remarks, he specifically mentioned that the “… costs of early childhood care are consistently ...Read More

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Grinch-like Behavior Steals More Than Christmas

Shame on United States Senator Joe Manchin for privately expressed comments disparaging working families, as confirmed by multiple sources according to national news organizations, saying that West Virginians who receive the Child Care Tax Credit would “…misuse the payments for drugs.” It’s a horrid description of not only his own constituents in a state with exceedingly high poverty rates but a savage slight to everyday families across the entire country. It continues a warped and ugly mischaracterization of millions who certainly don’t deserve it. He has not refuted that he made the comments. It is estimated about 10 million American children would fall back into poverty without the Child Tax ...Read More

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