30+ Year History of Creating Better Futures for Florida Children

At the state capitol and in communities across Florida, American Children’s Campaign is the leading nonpartisan voice for children — no matter their race, ethnicity, gender identity or place of birth. Since 1992, American Children’s Campaign has been at the forefront of policy wins for children.

We import good policy from our allies in other states and export good policy as well. Together with others, our public education campaigns and strategic advocacy have resulted in numerous policy improvements and new laws that have eliminated barriers standing in kids’ way.

Among the many laws and services we’ve provided leadership to or activated widespread support for include: Universal Pre-K (envisioned by our polling science); child marriage ban; the Safe Harbor Act; Civil Citations as an alternative to arrest; Open Doors Outreach Network for sex trafficked children (research, model conception, and secured initial funding); and more.

Growing Reach and Strategic Collaborations

Together with thousands of supporters and a diverse group of organizational leaders who make up our TEAM FUTURE Strategy Advocacy and Equity Network, we speak in unity as we urge action. Together we elevate the voices of those most affected by challenges facing everyday children and families.

Broad-Scale Agenda

American Children’s Campaign covers a broad spectrum of key children’s issues from birthing healthy babies to children needing protection and aging out of foster care and juveniles facing transfer to adult court. Our focus areas allow us to develop data-driven policy solutions and a comprehensive action agenda.

Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to be the change for complex social problems through public education, advocacy and community activism.

Our VISION is Florida’s children’s futures are as limitless as their dreams.

Our Key Principles

Knowledgeable The highly experienced team of American Children’s Campaign is proficient and well-versed in children’s policy and best practices. We are an established grassroots advocacy organization and work at local, state and the federal level.

Impartial American Children’s Campaign conducts its advocacy activities securely within the strict guidelines of an organization designated as a 501 (c) (3). We are non-partisan organization that advocates for all Florida children regardless of sex, ability, age, race, sexual orientation, economic circumstance or any other defining characteristic.

Direct American Children’s Campaign tells it like it is. We use research and outcome based evidence to build a strong case for the best public policy for children. We report the facts without bias as it relates to children.

Successful Since our inception in 1992, we have led the efforts in several public policy successes for children, as well as educated countless number of politicians, policy makers, citizens, and advocates across the state about the health, safety, and education needs of Florida’s Children.