Promoting Health, Safety and Equity during COVID-19

  • Reverse the escalating use of Florida’s Baker Act on children. Learn more.
  • Integrate school-based mental health counseling with community services. Learn more.
  • Ensure prenatal care for all women throughout the full term of pregnancy followed by post-delivery care. Learn more.
  • Increase KidCare eligibility limits, eliminating the gap between children who do not currently qualify but whose parents can’t afford health insurance. Learn more.
  • Continue to make full use of the optional SNAP benefits so no child or family goes hungry. Learn more.
  • In Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program, require a bachelor’s degree and experience for lead teachers, a CDA or equivalent for assistant teachers, and improve vision, health and hearing screenings. Learn more.
  • Require by law public school programs teaching the dangers and warning signs of human trafficking in health education. Learn more.

Stop Institutionalized Child Trauma

  • Address investigation and response to abuse and abuse allegations within the foster care system. Learn more.
  • Oppose locking up dependent child victims of abuse, neglect, trafficking and other traumas. Compel the provision of needed services. Learn more.
  • Ban the use of seclusion with students with disabilities. ONLY allow restraints if documented proof exists to prevent harm. Learn more.
  • Stop the harmful practice of conversion therapy on children who identify as LGBTQ. Learn more.
  • Pilot respite care/diversion options for girls charged with domestic violence. Learn more.
  • End the practice of placing youth in solitary confinement. Learn more.

Overcoming Barriers to Success

  • Reduce the practices and policies that keep youth in the juvenile justice system for non-criminal behavior, including fines and fees and technical violations of probation. Learn more.
  • Reform criminal record expunction laws to protect the futures of human trafficking victims and justice-involved youth. Learn more.
  • Provide childcare subsidies and respite care to foster parents. Learn more.
  • Improve foster parent recruitment and retention practices and expand the successful models of foster parent support. Learn more.
  • Enact research-based solutions to protect young children in motor vehicles in private or public transportation. Learn more.
  • Early Steps assessment of each child age birth-to-3 in the child welfare system and provision of service for those who qualify. Learn more.

Systemic Improvements and Administrative Remedies  

  • Create a Blueprint Commission to examine and make recommendations to improve Florida’s child welfare system. Learn more.
  • Establish requirements for board membership of Community Based Care agencies, set maximum number of caseloads and judicial circuits served. Learn more.
  • Establish reporting guidelines for the use of civil citations, including data for second- and third- time issuances. Learn more.