Who We Are

Florida’s policy for children can be defined by the saying, “If you keep doing what you have always done, then you get what you have always gotten.” The Children’s Campaign exists to persuade policy makers, citizens, and advocates to adopt proven strategies that lead to positive outcomes for Florida’s children. Engaging the system of care and public and private sectors to approach problems in ways that result in better outcomes allows us to utilize information to make real improvements in targeted rules, regulations, and policies for children.

We are both a watchdog group and an organization that initiates systemic reform through responsive and responsible public policy. We engage diverse citizens, stakeholders and experts in non-partisan, consensus oriented dialogue, establish a policy framework with specific recommendations, and then take action while stressing accountability.

The Children’s Campaign takes advantage of the natural two-year and four-year political cycle, inserting children’s issues in a thoughtful, non-partisan manner into the ongoing dialogue. Our primary interest is initiating system reform.

Children’s Campaign, Inc. educates target audiences statewide through public events, electronic messaging, social networking, web based communication, access to policy briefs, paid and earned media, direct mail, advocacy training, public opinion research, key message design, training to community leaders, citizens and advocates in specific regions across Florida that can bring a local focus to the effort.

Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to engage citizens to take action and hold our leaders accountable to create public policy and enact legislation for the health, safety, education, and well-being of Florida’s children.

Our VISION is to create a public policy environment where investments in children and the professionals who serve them are a priority.

Our Key Principles

Knowledgeable The highly experienced team of Children’s Campaign is proficient and well-versed in children’s policy and best practices. We are an established grassroots advocacy organization and work at local, state and the federal level.

Impartial Children’s Campaign conducts its advocacy activities securely within the strict guidelines of an organization designated as a 501 (c) (3). We are non-partisan organization that advocates for all Florida children regardless of sex, ability, age, race, sexual orientation, economic circumstance or any other defining characteristic.

Direct The Children’s Campaign tells it like it is. We use research and outcome based evidence to build a strong case for the best public policy for children. We report the facts without bias as it relates to children.

Successful Since our inception in 2002, we have led the efforts in several public policy successes for children, as well as educated countless number of politicians, policy makers, citizens, and advocates across the state about the health, safety, and education needs of Florida’s Children.

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