What We Do

The Children’s Campaign is a Watchdog. We are a watchdog group founded to challenge the status quo and engage systems of care and the public and private sectors to approach issues in ways that result in better outcomes.  Using our independent status we tell it like it is.  We report on trends and sound the alarm when warranted, reaching citizens, stakeholders and the media.

The Children’s Campaign Educates. We educate target audiences statewide through public events, electronic messaging,  social networking, web based communication, access to policy briefs, paid and earned media, direct mail, advocacy training, public opinion research, key message design, training to community leaders, citizens and advocates in specific regions across Florida.

The Children’s Campaign Engages. We engage diverse citizens, stakeholders and experts in non-partisan, consensus oriented dialogue, establish a policy framework with specificrecommendations, and then take action while stressing accountability.

The Children’s Campaign Takes Action. Capitalizing on our non-partisan status and the natural two-year and four-year political cycle we move with ease between being a whistle blower at one minute to working side by side with public officials the next.  The organization has an established track record of acting strategically to initiate systemic change.

What We’ve Done

KidsFirst to envision a constitutional amendment to create a statewide, free, voluntary pre-kindergarten program. This measure was subsequently placed on statewide ballot and passed by 59.7% of Florida voters (2002).

Passage of HB I 989, mandating gender responsive services to girls. Florida became only the second state in the country to pass such legislation (2004).

Called for the creation of a Juvenile Justice Blueprint Commission, which was created by executive order of the Governor. Identified in press release from the governor’s office as key organizer and strategic advisor (2006-07).

Conceptualized and orchestrated strategy for six of Florida’s seven living former governors to call on the current Florida governor to support degreed teachers in Florida’s pre-k classrooms. Been advised this represented first time in recent Florida history that former governors united on a call to action concerning a children’s issue (2007).

Spearheaded the first increase in state appropriations in I 2 years for maternal health services provided by Healthy Start Coalitions (2006).

Advance strategy development and public awareness leading to the creation of the Broward County Children’s Services Council by voter referendum (2000) along with early technical assistance that aided passage of the Children’s Trust in Miami-Dade (2002). These initiatives combined add nearly $100-million in local funding of children’s services.

Closing of Florida’s boot camps (2006) in response to their repeated use of unnecessary force and unsuccessful program outcomes.

Support of public hearings focused on the denial of health services related to the death of Omar Paisley in Miami-Dade detention center (2004). Closing of the Florida Institute for Girls, a maximum security prison with a long history of abuse and denial of physical and mental health services (2005).

Restoration of year-round enrollment for the KidCare health insurance program (2005). Brought to awareness of media that Florida had become a “donor” state regarding children’s health insurance (2007).

Statewide growth in the number of frequent voters who identify children’s issues as top priority from 2% in 1994 to nearly 20% now; and creation and successful implementation of a non-partisan candidate educational outreach effort, known as Candidate Connection.

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