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Act Now: Help Foster Children Achieve Normalcy

SB 60 makes it easier for foster children to obtain driver’s license, have access to insurance, and be able to drive a car.

This bill is one in a series of bills that have been brought to the Florida Legislature in the past few years to advance normalcy for foster children. The goal is to help set up programs that will allow children in the foster care system to live a life that is as close to their peers as possible. This bill will remove barriers to achieving their own transportation and open doors to participating in after school activities, school beyond high school, and work opportunities.

Senator Bean’s (R-Jacksonville) bill has passed all its committee stops with no objection from Senators and is well on its way to passing the Senate. The companion house bill, HB 217, is moving quickly as well.

Contact your policy maker and ask them to vote in support of these important bills.

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