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Urge Congress to Reauthorize CHIP

The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), known in the state as Florida KidCare, provides critical healthcare services to low income families who do not meet Medicaid eligibility.

CHIP provides insurance to children who would otherwise fall into a dangerous coverage gap, and allows them access to the crucial services they need to get and stay healthy.

About 70% of funding for CHIP is federal, and unlike Medicaid must be renewed periodically by Congress. The House and the Senate have both been in agreement on extending CHIP for another five years since October 4th, but still have not finalized the bill that would reauthorize the program.

The funding deadline has already passed, but Congress remains silent as to what is next for the critical program even as states begin to run out of funding and cease services to families. Florida could run out of federal funding for CHIP as early as January 19th, leaving 374,884 Florida children without health coverage, placing their health at risk and extreme burden on the state’s health care system.

Urgent Action Needed:

Contact your Senator or Representative and urge them to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program today.

Message: It is urgent that Congress renew federal funding for CHIP to keep the over 8.9 million children nationally and over 370,000 children in Florida who rely on the program healthy.


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