New Law Offers Kids Earlier Fresh Start

There aren’t many kids who pass through childhood without pulling a juvenile prank like toilet papering a house or throwing a water balloon at a passing car. A generation ago, Florida kids caught performing such acts would have been brought to the attention of their parents, rather than the juvenile justice system. Today, it’s a different story. What happens in juvenile court doesn’t always stay in juvenile court. As a result, thousands of Florida young people have had the stigma of their juvenile record dog them well into adulthood. The Children’s Campaign has heard from many of these individuals, and...

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Warning Labels Campaign Wins Big for Florida’s Children

Developed by The Children’s Campaign in partnership with The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, a series of public education posters and ads recently won three Gold ADDY awards and the prestigious Judge’s Choice Public Service Award at the 4th District Ad Federation 2016 Awards Ceremony. The Warning Labels public education campaign portrayed close-up images of children with warning labels affixed to their foreheads, conveying action-oriented messages to launch an Open Doors service network for sex-trafficked children, as well give kids with juvenile records greater chances to  pursue jobs or education opportunities. Highest award for creative excellence The ADDY Awards are...

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Civil Citation and Juvenile Records – The Next Step

Providing law enforcement officers expanded discretion to issue civil citations to more youth committing misdemeanors was absolutely the right thing to do.  The Children’s Campaign congratulates the elected officials, especially Sen. Garcia (R-Hialeah), Sen. Gibson (D-Jacksonville), Rep. Clarke-Reed (D-Pompano Beach) and Rep. Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg), citizens, faith based leaders and advocacy groups who worked together to pass SB 378 this year. Without question, civil citations are effective in preventing youth from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.  The impact of not having an arrest record is realized to even a greater degree in the future when doors of...

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The Beginning of Many Happy Endings

Second Chances as American as Apple Pie As Americans, we love to hear inspiring stories about deserving individuals who get a second chance at success. After all, since America is a land founded on the ideal of a new beginning, it’s in our DNA to sympathize with those given another shot at success. Inspiring Story in Daly’s Weekly Letter Perhaps that’s why The Children’s Campaign staff looks forward to reading Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Christy Daly’s Weekly Letter, which showcases accomplishments of agency staff, providers and youth in care. In a recent edition, a probationary youth’s success story...

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