Child Welfare Reform

Part Two: Does Florida’s Child Welfare Need a Roadmap?

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Although there’s no shortage of plans and ideas for improving Florida’s child welfare system, the trouble is there’s too many of them. Sometimes, the ideas even compete with each other or lack adequate evidence-based validation. In addition, there’s little consensus on a proactive way forward. The result? Florida’s child welfare system fails far too many kids, far too often. Over the years, and often in reaction to high profile crises, Florida’s child protection reforms have swung between two general approaches – family preservation, even if it means...

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The Elephant in Florida’s Child Welfare

In a well-known fable, six blind people develop drastically different “views” of an elephant, comparing it to a wall, snake, spear, tree, fan or rope, depending on which body part they touched.  Similarly, there are differing views on how to ensure the safety and well-being of Florida’s children and further transform the state’s child welfare system. Whether Florida’s child welfare reform is making headway, still struggling or needs a complete overhaul depends on with whom you speak and what data you view.  It also helps to understand the past. Once Considered a National Embarrassment Just twenty years ago, Florida’s foster...

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Why Aren’t More Abusive and Neglectful Parents Removed From the Home?

“There are times when folks co-sleep with a child and they are on substances. To me, that’s neglectful. To me, that should be a crime. That’s no different to me than driving under the influence.” The Children’s Campaign applauds this recent statement by Department of Children and Families Secretary Mike Carroll to Florida Public Radio.  Those of us old enough to remember can recall when driving under the influence was tolerated and even joked about in night clubs and comedy shows.  A movement – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) – changed the course.  Stricter laws were passed and with tougher...

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Analysis: Child Death Review Improvements Could Save Lives

The death of a neglected or abused child is the ultimate sign that something has gone tragically wrong – not just within a family, but often within the child protection system itself. Realizing that many child maltreatment fatalities can be prevented, the state passed sweeping child welfare reforms over the past couple of years. The goal was to improve the quality of the child protection workforce, and to increase the transparency and expert review of the child protection system. Ideally, all would learn from errors made.  Ideally, there would be increased accountability. Ideally, changes would be made rapidly to save...

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