Alternatives to Arrest 

Study: Arresting youth for common misbehavior harms public safety

Results from Florida’s second annual comprehensive study of alternatives to juvenile arrests – called “Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Juvenile Civil Citation Efforts 2016” – were recently released at a well-attended press conference in Tallahassee. Authored by one of Florida’s top juvenile civil citation experts, the study shows increasing the use of civil citations statewide up to 75% would enable law and order entities to invest up to $62 million in preventing and addressing felonies and serious crimes, as well as significantly improve life outcomes for nearly 7,000 arrested youth. Philanthropists Joseph W. & Terrell S. Clark, along with the Jessie Ball duPont...

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New Law Offers Kids Earlier Fresh Start

There aren’t many kids who pass through childhood without pulling a juvenile prank like toilet papering a house or throwing a water balloon at a passing car. A generation ago, Florida kids caught performing such acts would have been brought to the attention of their parents, rather than the juvenile justice system. Today, it’s a different story. What happens in juvenile court doesn’t always stay in juvenile court. As a result, thousands of Florida young people have had the stigma of their juvenile record dog them well into adulthood. The Children’s Campaign has heard from many of these individuals, and...

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