Sign On to Protect Cristian Fernandez

**LATEST UPDATE: Plea deal ‘very close’ in Cristian Fernandez murder case**

State Attorney Angela Corey (R-Jacksonville) has in her authority the decision to try Cristian Fernandez as a child or as an adult for the crime of murder.

Cristian is 12 years old. This is NOT a case involving a 17-year-old who has committed a string of armed robberies, or a home invasion resulting in a killing. It is a crime that, if he is culpable, occurred in a completely dysfunctional home in which Cristian received no guidance, supervision or parenting. He is accused of hitting his 2 year old brother so hard that he died.

State Attorney Corey is currently seeking to convict him on charges that demonstrate the highest degree of culpability. If he is found guilty, Cristian will receive a life without parole sentence.

Cristian’s mother was 12 years old herself when he was born. In his life, he has been severely abused. He watched his stepfather commit suicide instead of allowing the police to arrest him. Today, Cristian sits in a Detention Jail in Duval County  awaiting trial as an adult unless State Attorney Corey changes direction.

Signing on to this letter as an organization or as an individual sends a message to State Attorney Corey to allow his case to be tried where it belongs – in the juvenile criminal justice system. Do the right thing for Cristian now.

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