About Our 5 Promises

VoiceUtilizing polling results The Children’s Campaign’s 5 Promises aligns children’s services into 5 Promise areas as a means of creating distinctions and understandings around key topics. The 5 Promises offers substantive platforms for improving the overall health and well-being of children spanning pre-natal and children’s health, child protection, high quality universal pre-kindergarten and child care, after-school services and juvenile justice reform. The Children’s Campaign is dedicated to ensuring that every parent/guardian and child in Florida, regardless of gender, race, ability, creed, orientation or education has access to important programs and services encompassed by the 5 Promises.

5 Promises

1. Maternal, Infant and Child Health

2. Safety, Permanence and Services to Children in Out of Home Settings

3. High Quality Pre-K, Child Care and Early Learning

4. Safe and Enriching After School Experiences

5. Delinquency Prevention and Juvenile Justice Reform


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