Introducing Voices for Florida’s Girls

girlsVoices for Florida Girls is an exciting new initiative that inspires citizens to address issues that inhibit at-risk girls from reaching their potential and supports solutions. The organization is part of Voices for Florida, an affiliate organization of The Children’s Campaign. These organizations are joined in the effort by the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, whose mission is to improve services to girls in the child welfare and juvenile justice system and to prevent the pathways into those situations.

Why Girls Need Your Help?

Did you know…?

Elementary age girls who are expelled are twice as likely to suffer from depression as teenagers and 33% drop out of school?

Approximately 33% of the girls in the juvenile justice system have also been in the child welfare system?

Girls comprise about 33% of the referrals to the juvenile justice system yet only 5% of the resources are directed to programs servicing girls?

When girl’s issues are left untreated, they are vulnerable to poor outcomes as they enter womanhood including: poor physical and mental health, substance abuse, increased likelihood of arrests, domestic violence and parenting challenges.

How Voices for Girls Helps

Voices for Florida Girls is a unique statewide membership initiative that supports the well-being of girls comprised of dedicated and forward thinking citizens throughout Florida. Members are committed to ensuring that all girls, particularly girls at risk, have the opportunity to succeed in life and reach their highest potential.

Members are guided by state and national experts to learn about best practices and model programs for girls and use this information to promote positive change around critical issues impacting girls. Collectively, their efforts help citizens understand local, state and federal policy that supports the critical needs of girls.

Learn More

Help young women to reach their full potential by joining Voices for Florida Girls. Contact Linda Alexionok, Director, Voices for Florida at lalexionok@voicesforflorida.orgor call (850-425-2600) for more information.

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