Eliminate Public Access to Juvenile Records

Florida’s current handling of juvenile records lacks balance and fairness. Technology has changed drastically since 1994, but the laws governing the confidentiality of juvenile records have not. Juvenile records of misdemeanor convictions and felony arrests – regardless of whether charges were dismissed or the youth was found not guilty – are being sold to data brokers who post them online. Once online, they are rarely or never updated, and remain searchable even after the record is expunged or charges overturned. Access to juvenile records shuts doors to jobs, education and housing to tens of thousands of Florida youth each year. For those juveniles, Florida’s confidentiality laws result in young people being punished for youthful mistakes well into adulthood.

What The Children’s Campaign is Saying…


  • Create laws to specify that records of juvenile misdemeanors must be kept confidential from public access.
  • Address issues that make arrest for felonies available for search regardless of charges or guilt.

Legislation addressing confidentiality must be passed separately from other juvenile record issues, to comply with Florida public record law.

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