Candidate Connection: Top 6 Issues Candidates Should Know About Kids

No matter which child well-being measure you view, Florida’s 4 million children could be doing a whole lot better. Despite large-scale child welfare reforms implemented over the past several years, more Florida children (473 in 2015) are dying under the state’s watch. Florida ranks 40th out of 50 states in overall child well-being. In addition, we also rank 49th in mental health funding per capita, and are considered one of the nation’s leaders in child sex trafficking.

Approximately one of every four Florida children live in poverty. If these children lived in one city, it would be the largest city in the state. Nearly 30 percent of Florida’s children struggle with hunger- equivalent  in population to the 10th largest city in America.

Our 2016 Candidate Connection is designed to provide candidates running for public office and concerned citizens with a brief overview of top key issues facing Florida’s children and families.



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