Advocacy: You can make a difference!


They first and most important step is to learn. By learning the facts about the issues that concern you most, you become an informed voter and advocate.


If you want to get informed about children’s issues you have come to the right place. Our Citizen’s Handbook will educate you on the public policy focus of the Children’s Campaign, and our Five Promises – the key issues we support. We have several publications that can be delivered to your inbox including; The Watchdog, which informs about the latest goings on of the Children’s Campaign, our Politiwatch offers time-sensitive opportunities for you to get involved and take action. Our Legislative Connection provides information on current legislative issues that lawmakers are working on at the moment. The Children’s Campaign is a source for the latest news and events both political and from grassroots organizations on children’s issues.



And after you’ve become informed, it’s time to act. The most basic way to become involved is to exercise your right to vote. By registering to vote, and then voting, you are making your voice heard. During your elected official’s term it is important that they hear from you. Speaking up for children with your elected official reminds them of the priority they hold with their constituents.


Finally, you can use your voice to inform other voters in your area. Writing a letter to the editor about children’s issues and why you support them can add support to your cause.


No act, no matter how small it may appear, is inconsequential. Every time you take action, and show your support for our cause you are making a difference. It is up to us all to Step Up For Kids!